Todd begs Sarah not to fret as she’s taken into the delivery room. As Audrey brings Max and Lily home, she tries to contact the members of the family. Craig overhears and offers his and Caitlin's services as babysitters. Audrey accepts but Caitlin isn't pleased. Aidan brings a happy Marta to see Eva in the Rovers. Eva’s moved as Marta reveals she’s returning to her family in Poland, thanks to her. She wishes her and Aidan a happy life together. Aidan joins Tyrone and Kirk for a game of darts. As Kylie helps Freddie sort through his wife’s clothes for charity, she fails to notice the missed calls on her mobile. He tells her about the happy times they had together. Todd weeps in the hospital, remembering baby Billy. Phelan hides his annoyance from Eileen when Anna and Kevin happily ignore him in the Bistro. David holds Sarah’s hand as she struggles in labour pains. When the doctor advises a Caesarean is required for the baby’s sake, Sarah refuses outright, reminded of Billy. Kylie suddenly sees her messages and Freddie offers a lift to the hospital on his motorbike. Audrey, Gail and Nick arrive at the hospital. Todd tackles a distressed Sarah and implores her to do what’s best for her baby. His words get through and she consents. To wind up Pat, Kevin sends a bottle of wine over to his table as a gift. Eileen’s shocked when Pat storms over and furiously warns Kevin not to mess with him. An unruffled Kevin calls Pat a bully and a cheat. Eileen is livid at being shown up. Craig shows Max artwork with paints. Caitlin sulks until Max shows a real interest. A baby boy is delivered and mother and son are both well. Tyrone’s humiliated when he can’t afford to buy a round. Making his excuses, he hurries home. When Craig and Caitlin turn their backs, Max and Lily cover the kitchen in spray paints. Tyrone tells Fiz he’s sick of scrimping and intends to earn extra money somehow. Eileen voices her fears to Pat that people were right about him, but he reassures her that Kevin’s gesture hurt his pride now that he’s on his uppers. The midwife presents Sarah with her newborn son. Knowing who his father is, she feels she can never escape him.


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