Sean gossips with Todd that Anna and Phelan had an affair. Gemma taunts Sarah in the café but is easily seen off by her and Bethany. Smarting, she rings someone and passes on the news about Sarah being pregnant. Fiz turns down an invite to a pamper party with Sean to avoid spending money. David complains when Kylie goes to Freddie Smith's house to help him clear out Sadie's things. Sarah plans a trip into Manchester. Aidan tells Johnny about the loss of the O'Driscoll's account. Johnny rings Carla to tell her. Anna’s outraged when Todd voices distaste at her affair with Phelan and throws him out of the café for spreading lies. He sees Sarah getting off the bus after she’s been shopping for the new baby including a teddy like the one he bought for Billy Platt. Moved by the reminder of their past, Sarah gets emotional so Todd steers her into the flower shop for a cup of tea. Fiz and Sean ask Aidan and Johnny if their jobs are safe. As Todd talks fondly of Billy, Sarah suddenly has a contraction and panics that she’s five weeks off her due date. Leaving her with a reluctant Tracy, Todd charges off to fetch help. Anna catches Mary and Sean gossiping about her and Phelan in the Corner Shop. Kevin sees that she's upset and follows her out. Todd fetches David and Audrey tries to contact Gail. Kevin tries to comfort Anna with the offer of a meal out. Sarah’s relieved when the ambulance arrives. Johnny and Aidan try in vain to drum up some new business. A smartened-up Marta calls into the factory looking for Eva. Sarah is taken away with David while Todd follows in a cab. Fiz tells Tyrone to treat himself out to a few drinks with Kirk even though they’re saving. Lauren and her cronies accost Bethany in Victoria Street. Gemma steams in and sends them packing, but not before Lauren snatches Bethany’s mobile. Kevin takes Anna for a meal at the bistro and find that they are sat at a table next to Eileen and Phelan. Nevertheless, they settle down, determined to enjoy themselves. As Sarah’s wheeled into the maternity unit, she remembers what happened with Billy and fears there’s something seriously wrong this time too.


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