Kylie is annoyed that David told Gemma that it was her idea to sack her. Sarah worries as she hasn't felt the baby kick today. The residents go to the polls. Izzy is appalled to hear from Anna that Eileen believed Phelan's pack of lies. Dev interviews Gemma for the kebab shop job. She flatters him by laughing at his bad jokes but he turns her down as she has no shop experience. He agrees to a trial when Chesney mentions that she helped him out the other day. Sally makes Tim dress up to vote in case the press are there. She's upset as she feels like a joke candidate. Yasmeen invites Rana for dinner at No.6. Zeedan thinks it's a good opportunity to tell the Nazirs about them. Sarah thinks she's lost the baby and doesn't go into work. Izzy has a go at Eileen for siding with Phelan. Eileen is dismissive, thinking she just believes Anna out of loyalty. Aidan goes to see the O'Driscolls to discuss their order. Eileen starts having doubts about Phelan. When she expresses her reservations to Phelan, he lets her think she's blown it to make her come grovelling back. Kylie takes Sarah to the hospital. David is stunned to see Gemma in the kebab shop and warns Chesney that she's a nightmare. At the O'Driscolls, Aidan notices Julia padlocking a bedroom. Liz advises Eileen to play it cool with Phelan. She and Phelan make up. Sarah is relieved when the midwife finds the baby's heartbeat. Rana tells the Nazirs that she and Zeedan are together. They are happy for them. Aidan starts thinking Eva is right and reveals that the O'Driscolls are going to an exhibition tomorrow. Kylie agrees to be Sarah's birthing partner. Eileen and Phelan kiss.


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