Andy jokingly makes fun of Zeedan's lust for Rana. Tim tries to make Eileen call him "boss" or "chief" but gets nowhere. Gail overhears Eileen complaining about Michael's lack of trust and enjoys taunting her. Audrey is expecting a new work experience girl called Gemini. Kylie is pleased to get a nail appointment for a customer she likes - Sadie Smith. Gail tells Michael what she overheard. Stirring things, she tells him not to give up. Eileen asks Jason to run her to the bank. Phelan steps in and offers to take her instead. Andy’s suspicious. Rana looks over flats and asks Alya if she'd share one in Victoria Court. She refuses as Kal died there. Kylie calls at Sadie's house. She’s shown in by husband Freddie, who explains that Sadie’s died and he’d like her to do her nails for her funeral on Friday. Kylie can't and runs out of the house. Andy voices his fears to Michael who decides to get evidence of Eileen and Phelan's affair. Eva asks Sally for help in getting a job. Before Phelan and Eileen can set off, Eva tells them the van doors are open. They find Michael hiding in the back. Eileen’s furious. Collecting herself and putting thoughts of Callum’s body aside, Kylie sets to doing Sadie's nails. Eva and Billy decide to check up on Marta. Eileen rages at Todd that Michael’s now right to worry he might lose her. Anna advises Michael to just walk away from any situation that involves Phelan. He realises his wallet is missing. Freddie’s grateful for Kylie's work. Eva and Billy sit in their car outside the O’Driscolls’ house. When Richie approaches the car, Eva quickly ducks out of sight. Audrey and David are stunned when "Gemini" arrives at the salon and it’s none other than Gemma Winter. Zeedan clocks Jason chatting up Rana in the bistro. He sees red and warns her that Jason’s bad news. Rana enjoys their obvious rivalry. Finding Michael’s wallet in the van, Phelan calls at No.11, where Eileen’s clearly upset. Phelan gives her a comforting hug, just as Michael lets himself in. He accuses her of being a hypocrite.


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