Sarah demands to know what's wrong but Bethany stays quiet. Gail insists she apologise but Bethany lashes out, suggesting Sarah should put the baby up for adoption as she’s a terrible mother. Sarah’s hurt. Michael can't articulate what his problem with Phelan is. Eva tells Liz about her sacking. Liz offers her extra shifts. Todd finds an upset Bethany drinking in the street and offers her a shoulder to cry on. She tells him of her regret as to what she said to her mum. He takes her to his house. Whilst Kylie scrapes cake off the picture, Sarah frets about Bethany, convinced there’s more to this than a teenage strop. Michael tells Eileen he has a gut instinct that Phelan is bad. Norris undiplomatically insults Jason when trying to gain his vote. At No.11, Bethany is about to tell Todd about the bullying when Jason returns and interrupts them. Liz insists that Erica talks to Dev. Sally listens in on Norris and Mary's campaign chatter in the Rovers. Erica can't make headway with Dev. When Aidan tries to talk to Eva in the pub, Liz orders them into the back room to avoid an atmosphere being created. Gail tells Audrey how much she misses Michael. Todd brings Bethany home. She apologises to Sarah and they make up. Eva refuses to accept the blame for what she did. Billy suggests that by using the tracker app on the phone she stole, they could find Marta. Eva reckons they deserve some answers. Phelan taunts Michael when they are alone but his tone abruptly changes when Eileen walks up to them. Sally forms a plan and announces she’s going to be the face of family values. Tim warns her it could backfire on her. Liz prompts Erica to try again with Dev. Bethany starts to receive abusive texts from Lauren and Shelley. Erica breaks the ice with Dev, likening them to the contestants on First Dates. Dev relaxes and telling her the kids are at a sleepover, invites her back to No.7. Alone in the ginnel, Bethany reads more of the threatening texts. She sobs to herself.


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