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Nick mulls over Robert's and Leanne's offers. He vows to make a decision by the end of the day. Carla's filled with dread. Tracy continues to take her annoyance out on Ken, accusing him of being a Judas. Robert decides to do whatever it takes to get the bistro. Upset to see Izzy in so much pain, Gary promises to phone a mate and try and score some cannabis for her. Carla tells Michelle about Tracy's blackmail. Marta is still ill but refuses to go to hospital. Eva rings in sick so that she can spend the day looking after her. Bethany avoids getting on the bus to school. When Richie calls in the factory and transfers £30,000 to Underworld's account as a down-payment on his order, Carla's ears prick up. Mary cajoles Erica and Liz into joining her for a girls' night out in Manchester but Michelle declines. Audrey and Gail go to the gym. Audrey speeds ahead on the cross-trainer while Gail struggles badly. Izzy is in more pain but Gary can't contact his friend. Behind Johnny and Aidan's backs, Carla transfers £10,000 from the Underworld account to her own. Rushing from the factory, she rings Tracy and arranges to meet her. Johnny can see that something is wrong. Gail can barely move after her gym session. Audrey reveals to Sarah that Yasmeen turned up the resistance on Gail's machine deliberately. Audrey tells David that she's applied to a government scheme for a work experience trainee for the salon. Tracy refuses Robert's idea to go into partnership with Leanne. Carla meets Tracy in the bistro and hands her the cash. As Gail is still sore, David joins Sarah for a parents' evening at the school but Bethany hasn't turned up. Mary and Erica turn up in the Rovers dressed to the nines for their night out. Aidan turns up at the flat to look after Eva as Marta hides in the bedroom. He invites her to the O'Driscoll's house on Wednesday night. Sarah and David are shocked to discover Bethany’s been bunking off regularly, claiming Audrey's death as the excuse. Aidan leaves Eva. Marta reckons she's causing too much trouble and before Eva can stop her, she does a runner from the flat. Johnny floors Carla when he quietly asks her how £10,000 found its way into her personal account.


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