Simon is short with Leanne when she questions him on his homework. Eva brings Marta some food in the factory early in the morning before anyone is there. She complains that she’s cold and Eva promises to try and find her a coat. Marta has to hide when Kirk arrives for work. Leanne ends up doing Simon's homework for him but he shows no gratitude. He tells her he doesn't want her to watch him playing football later that day. Kevin’s pleased when Jason and Phelan assure him they should finish the Arches today. As Marta watches from hiding, Sean shows off his new coat. Kirk thinks the factory has a mouse and Eva has to cover for Marta when the girls panic. With Audrey still recuperating, David’s run off his feet at the salon. Anna overhears Phelan on the phone unsuccessfully touting for more work. Eva asks Leanne about Tom Finlay in front of Zeedan. The factory staff continue to snub Jenny. Leanne apologises to Zeedan for upsetting him about Tom but he's fine. She invites him to Simon's football match that night. Phelan sneaks into the Arches and sabotages the fuse box. When Jason switches on the lights there’s a loud bang. As Ron Temple can't assist, Phelan tells Kevin they can sort it but it’ll mean another week’s work. Ken, Zeedan and Leanne watch the football match. Leanne’s surprised to see Tom there whilst Simon’s furious to see her chatting up his team manager, even more so when his friend Kyle makes fun of him. A stressed David realises with horror that he’s put the wrong dye on Beth’s hair. At half-time, Simon lays into Leanne for embarrassing him by flirting with Tom and bringing Ken and Zeedan with her. Sean’s furious to discover his coat missing. As the factory girls argue about who could have stolen it, Marta suddenly emerges from behind some boxes wearing the coat and makes a dash for it. Everyone watches open-mouthed as she knocks Izzy over in her desperation to escape. Anna tells Kevin she reckons Phelan tampered with the fuses himself as she knows he’s short of work and accuses him in front of Kevin and Jason. She's furious when Kevin defends him. As the football match hots up, there is a cry. Simon stands over Kyle who is writhing in pain from a tackle as Leanne watches on in horror.


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