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Ken reminds Audrey of their drink later. She's embarrassed and makes out she's too busy when he wonders if he's offended her. DS Grant pays Carla a visit and tells her they've arrested Jamie who's admitted to the robbery. Kylie spends her time looking online for swimming gear for Max. Dev is annoyed as Mary is late to join him on a trip to Yorkshire for Asha's cross-country race. Erica advises him to cut her some slack and he decides to go without her. Ken asks Gail if there is anything wrong with Audrey. She agrees to do some digging for him. Mary tells Erica she won't follow Dev but have some time by herself. Gail goes into the salon and sees that her mother's on edge. She demands to know what's wrong. Brendan turns up and Mary drags him into No.7. Rita meets Jenny in a park. Jenny assures her that she's got her life back on track and asks her if she can possibly forgive her but when Rita isn't immediately forthcoming, Jenny flees upset and in her haste drops her purse. Audrey assures Gail that nothing is wrong and Ken is imagining things. Having found Jenny's address in the purse, Rita tracks her down to a squalid bedsit. Steph visits Carla in hospital and apologises for Jamie's actions. She tells her that she's not responsible for what happened. At the close of the working day, Audrey suffers a headache. Jenny admits to Rita that she's just working on getting through from one day to the next and wants to say sorry more than anything to Kevin and Sophie. Rita warns her against that action as Sophie especially won't accept it. Dev and the children return early and find Brendan and Mary cavorting on the sofa in a state of undress. Audrey tidies round when suddenly she suffers chest pains and collapses. Ken notices the open door to the salon and upon investigating, finds her collapsed and crying on the sofa, afraid of dying alone. He rings for both an ambulance and Gail. Brendan leaves and Dev is angry with Mary. Waiting for the ambulance, Audrey confesses to Ken that she loves him and has done for months.


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