Both Ken and Robert tell Tracy they don't understand the story of how her mobile phone came to be found in the bistro. She starts to get annoyed. Anna confides in Izzy how Phelan gave Kevin his version of events painting himself as the victim, in the sure knowledge that she wouldn’t admit to Kevin about the sex. She hasn't told Gary who returns from a health and safety course that afternoon. Sophie finds more evidence of Ron Temple's dodgy dealings. Ken asks a pleased Audrey for a haircut appointment. Carla is improving and is impatient to be discharged, though not looking forward to her police interview. Rita enjoys her old friends making contacts on her tablet but sees something that disturbs her. Sally attempts to drum up support for her council campaign from Billy. Kevin asks Pat for a word during his lunch hour. Steph's attitude towards Tracy makes it clear that she suspects her of collusion in the bistro robbery. Todd wonders why Tracy is keeping her knowledge of Robert and Carla under wraps. She explains she’s saving that bombshell for the right time and place. In an attempt to twist the knife, Phelan tells Kevin how after the project with Owen turned sour, Gary knocked him unconscious. Kevin’s disconcerted by the revelation. Whilst cutting Ken’s hair, Audrey encourages him to set himself some goals and follow his heart’s desire. Ken takes her words on board. Pat repeats his story about Gary to Jason who also takes it in. Kevin confronts Anna wanting to know why Gary attacked Phelan and left him for dead, but Anna remains tight-lipped about the rest of the story. Norris and Sophie worry why Rita is so quiet. Mary asks Norris to go for a drink that night. DS Grant questions Carla about the robbery. She remembers that one of the robbers mentioned Steph’s name. Norris deliberately bores Sally when she tries to make conversation with him to put her off using him for her campaign. A troubled Rita reads her tablet again. Gary returns and Zeedan invites him for a drink at the bistro. Norris is unimpressed when Mary arrives for their drink with Brendan in tow. DS Grant turns up at the bistro wanting to question Steph. Gary is stunned to see Phelan back. He sees red and makes a grab for him. As Phelan feigns terror, Kevin rushes to his aid and Anna turns up. Kevin demands to know what's going on.


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