Phelan finds a pulse on Carla and calls an ambulance, while Robert races to find Nick. David and Kylie are horrified to find Jason taking the carpet up in the annexe and tell Gail she's not having under floor heating put in under any circumstances. Nick goes with Carla in the ambulance while the Connors make their way to Weatherfield General by car. Kevin is annoyed with himself for not catching the getaway car's number plate. Anna tells Phelan to leave. Cathy thinks Sylvia wants Roy's help but is too proud to ask. He disagrees but agrees to go to Hastings as she has nobody else. Todd notices Tracy looking guilty and asks if she arranged the robbery. She tells him to get a life. Anna calls Izzy and tells her Phelan is back. Carla is in critical condition with a ruptured spleen and goes into the operating theatre. The operation is a success. She also has fractured ribs, a broken wrist and a dislocated shoulder. Only Nick is allowed to see her. Liz gives Phelan drinks on the house for his heroics. Sophie thinks about starting a petition to save the mural. Sally thinks there should be speed bumps in the Street and decides the only way to get the council to listen is to stand herself. Izzy suggests Anna be honest with Kevin about sleeping with Phelan but she refuses out of shame for what she did. Kevin strikes a chord with Phelan as they share their messy divorce stories. Phelan tells Kevin he and Anna have history and is intrigued to learn that Owen has left. Roy delays his departure for Hastings until he sees Carla. Phelan calls on Anna and promises her no trouble if she doesn't cause him any. She is scared witless by his presence. Tracy goes to the hospital to tell Nick about Carla and Robert's fling but stops outside her room, where she hears Nick promising Carla the most perfect wedding day ever. She gets an idea.


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