Tracy continues to listen as Carla angrily tells Robert to know his place. He tells her he feels sorry for Nick marrying a trainwreck, causing Carla to throw a bottle of wine at him. She threatens to push back if he pushes her. A dismissive Robert leaves. Lying in wait outside the bistro, Jamie and Lee wonder why nobody is entering or leaving. Lee tries to convince Jamie to call off their operation. Sally can't believe Kevin and Anna are an item, and is incredulous when Tim walks in and reveals that he already knew. Suddenly remembering the mural, she drags them all to the ginnel, where Kevin tries reasoning with the council workers, explaining that the mural is a tribute to a young woman. They admit there's an appeal procedure but warn them that no one ever wins. After winning the battle, Sally goes back to fretting about Kevin and Anna. Gail gets Jason to give her a quote for underfloor heating in the annexe as it's always cold. Jamie thinks Steph might be in the bistro herself and insists on going ahead with the plan to rob it. Anna and Kevin tell Faye they're a couple, while Anna calls Izzy. They're both fine with it. Robert wonders where Tracy is, while Tracy remains out of sight in the bistro kitchen, deciding whether to confront Carla. Jamie and Lee suddenly break in and Jamie pins Carla to the floor while Lee raids the till, finding it empty. Carla tells them there's nothing to steal as the restaurant is closed. Terrified, Tracy quietly leaves through the fire door in the kitchen but forgets to lift her phone. Jason thinks the damp patch could be causing the cold in the annexe. A desperate Jamie searches the bistro for valuables, refusing to leave empty-handed. Nick wonders if Carla is right and going in with Robert could be a bad business decision. Jamie smashes Carla's phone when she asks to check her messages and threatens to break her fingers unless she tells him where the money is. Tracy arrives home but doesn't say anything about the robbery. Carla gives the men an opportunity to walk away. Jamie snatches her handbag and they run off. Furious, Carla gives chase and tries to grab the bag as the men drive off. She ends up falling out of the car and is badly hurt. Kevin and Phelan witness the getaway and Phelan stands in front of the car but, realising it's not going to stop, Kevin pulls Phelan aside, allowing Jamie and Lee to escape. Robert runs to Carla's aid, while Anna goes to Kevin and is stunned to see Phelan.


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