David refuses Sarah a haircut, not wanting her to go on her date with Aidan. Grabbing Craig’s phone, Beth invites Caitlin over for dinner. Nick and Carla make arrangements to meet after work. Johnny and Kate have moved into the flat. Audrey does Sarah's hair, making David apprehensive. Eileen feigns being unconcerned about Dee's calls on Michael's time but Todd's not convinced, pointing out that she's made an effort with her appearance. Dee follows Michael into the cafe to tell him some news. Tim finishes work early both to clean his own windows and to take Sally for a slap-up dinner. As Sarah leaves the salon looking a million dollars, David hurries after her and warns her not to talk about Callum. Kylie thinks he's over-reacting. Nick finds he's short-staffed at the bistro. Carla and Aidan turn down an industry dinner and Johnny is left with the ticket. A bored Eileen passes the time on the switch with a Rubik's cube. Michael’s mortified as he reveals to Eileen how Dee has nominated him for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award. Craig prepares a meal for Caitlin and reluctantly invites Beth and Kirk to join them. Dressed to kill, Sarah arrives in the Rovers for her date. Seeing Nick's got a staff issue, Carla insists she’ll waitress for the evening. Craig is on tenterhooks as a Caitlin arrives. Eileen starts to boast about Michael's award, much to his discomfort. David gets nervous as he watches Sarah knocking back the drinks in the pub and asks Todd to keep an eye on her. A delighted Sally is pleased to see that Carla is her waitress when she and Tim go for their meal. Tim is called away to collect his van after lending it to a friend from The Flying Horse. Todd obtains a second Rubik's Cube, almost completed. Aidan bores of Sarah's drunken chatter. Todd claims he could complete the cube in thirty seconds for a bet but swaps Eileen's with his to win. Craig's cooking is a success but Beth starts to embarrass him when she suggests Ker-Plunk as an after-dinner game. Sally enjoys messing Carla about with her wine order. Nick is amused to watch them. Eileen finds her cube in Todd's bag. They all laugh over his deception. He tells her he did it to cheer her up in the same style as Steve and Lloyd would have done. Realising that Sarah’s horribly drunk, Aidan calls an abrupt end to the evening. She storms out and Billy follows her. Sally starts to deliberately give Carla trouble over the food order. Todd texts David to tell him about Sarah. Rushing outside, he finds her clearly upset and pouring her heart out to Billy. After a row with her brother, Sarah heads unsteadily towards Victoria Court but is knocked down by Tim returning in his van. Despite Sally, Carla's enjoyed her night. She suddenly proposes to Nick as Michelle comes in to tell them about Sarah. He rushes to the hospital. Craig is mortified when Beth shows Caitlin his baby photos. He rushes her out of the house in annoyance. Sarah has only minor injuries and regrets her actions. She's kept in overnight. Tim and Sally are relieved to get a call from Gail with the news. Craig berates Beth for humiliating him but when he receives a text from Caitlin saying how much she enjoyed the night, he's forced to apologise. Back from the hospital, Nick tells Carla that the answer to her proposal is "yes". Max thinks that it was Callum who hurt Sarah and that he's back in their lives. David assures him that he won't see him again. The Doctor tells Sarah that the tests show that she's absolutely fine - and so is the baby she's carrying. She's stunned by the revelation.


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Eileen Grimshaw: "I've got a very upbeat, sunny nature. Everybody tells me that."
Todd Grimshaw: "Yeah, that's because they're scared of you."

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