Sophie celebrates her twenty-first birthday with a serenade in the Kabin from Rita, Norris and Mary and a present of a bracelet. Steve starts tiling the ladies' loos to disparagement from Liz, Michelle and Anna. He uses an online video from "Dab Andy" as a guide. Izzy’s furious with Alya, pointing out that Gary’s disappeared, Jake’s missing his dad and it’s all her fault. Sophie gets cards from Tyrone and Luke and Kevin promises his present later. Steve shows off the skills he's learned from the video. Alya can't concentrate at work and Aidan gives her the rest of the day off. Half of Steve's tiles fall off the wall. Alya arrives home upset and announces to Yasmeen and Sharif that she’s moving out as she knows what a disappointment she is to them. To Steve's annoyance, Liz is forced to enlist Tony’s help. Mary reveals that she and Brendan plan to spend bonfire night on a ghost walk at Butterthorne Hall, a nearby stately home. Tony starts the re-tiling for free. Liz makes it clear to him he’s only here to fix the tiles and then she wants him gone. Yasmeen and Sharif beg Alya not to go. He tells her he just needs time to come to terms with what she did. Tony tells Liz how sorry he is for all the pain he’s caused and asks her for another chance. Anna calls at the Nazirs and angrily tells them that that Gary has gone to stay with his dad in Hamburg and Alya has ruined his life. Sophie puts in an offer for the new garage premises. Rita gets divorce papers from Dennis. Sophie’s thrilled when Kevin presents her with a 21% share of the garage for her birthday. Making out she was just passing, Nessa joins Ken, Rita and Audrey in the Rovers. Nessa hears that Audrey’s short-staffed at the salon. She offers up her services, explaining that she’s a trained stylist. Audrey reluctantly accepts. Steve spots Liz giving Tony a pint and chatting away like nothing’s happened. Angered, he makes her promise she won't let him wheedle his way back into her life.


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