In a rage, Zeedan threatens to push Jason off the balcony. Spotting the commotion, Alya and Eileen rush to Jason’s rescue. Alya assures Zeedan that she instigated sex with Jason and it wasn’t his fault. Zeedan lets go of Jason, and turns his anger on Alya, disgusted by her behaviour. Faye's disappointed that Gary hasn't turned up for her school concert. Having heard that Ken used to be a teacher, Nessa goes overboard praising the profession. Cathy confides in Audrey how she’s worried about Nessa getting her claws into Ken as she has a terrible track record with men. Having also arranged to meet Mary in the Rovers, Dev is surprised when Brendan turns up and he leaves them to it. Steve’s furious to find Tony mending the plumbing in the ladies’ loos. Yasmeen suggests they all talk about what’s happened but Sharif can’t bear to look at his granddaughter. Alya feels terrible. Steve insists he can fix the leak and throws Tony out. Over cocktails, Eva presses Kylie, wanting to know why she’s fallen out with David. Eva thinks she still has a thing for Callum but Kylie angrily refutes the charge. Ken and Nessa agree to go for a further drink at the Rovers. Alya goes into the bistro and asks for an alcoholic drink. Cathy tells Nessa to take things steady with Ken, reminding her that he's recently widowed. Brendan has Mary enthralled with tales of the supernatural. When his phone beeps, he says it’s a message from his mother and he has to go. Mary’s disappointed but they agree they’ll meet again. Norris watches disapprovingly. Zeedan finds Alya sitting over an untouched cocktail. He tells her to give Sharif time and he'll come round and gives her a hug. Kylie arrives home drunk and to a series of questions from David but she falls asleep as he tries to find out what she talked about.


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Max Turner: "If Gail's been married six times, does that mean she's really good at it?"

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