Sarah and Bethany prepare to fly back to Italy. Carla tells the machinists they've secured a new order and it's all hands on deck. Audrey is touched when Ken gives her a radio as hers is on the blink. Bethany thinks he fancies her. Jason, Gary and Chesney arrange a lads' night out. Johnny orders cheaper material from a supplier friend of his to recoup some of the money Carla lost. Sarah tells Kylie that David threatened her. Kylie is shocked and begs her not to leave as Callum will have won. She convinces her to spend a few weeks in Milan to clear her head and then return. David isn't pleased. Audrey takes Ken out to lunch as a thank you. Beth struggles with the cheap material. Johnny takes over her machine and forces the material through, breaking the needle. Work in the factory comes to a halt while Johnny repairs the machine. Luke tells Jamie to leave Steph alone but Jamie repeats his warning to post nude photos of her online. Maria leaves for Cyprus as Sarah and Bethany depart for Milan. David and Kylie row over his threat to frame Sarah. David advises Kylie to co-operate as she's the one who killed Callum. Luke rings Jamie and agrees to race. Izzy, Alya and Anna have a girls' night in. Alya feels guilty when Izzy admits that she likes her and doesn't mind that she's marrying Gary. Aidan admits to Carla that they got the material on the cheap. Carla reminds him that it's her reputation at stake. Knowing what David is capable of, Kylie begins to wish she'd gone with Sarah to get away from him.


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