Sarah is appalled by David's tactics and tells him he's just like Callum. David points out that her life was better in Milan. Andy catches Michael and Eileen at it on the sofa when he goes to tackle him about his bad habits. Johnny digs himself a deeper grave by trying to get teetotal Matthew Singh to drink. When Aidan arrives to rescue him, he puts his cards on the table and admits that he hijacked Aidan's meeting. Singh gives them a second chance. Sarah hands in her notice and books flights to Italy, planning to stay with Stephen Reid for a while. Billy asks if she's running away but she says it's nothing to do with him. Michael tells Andy he was just comforting Eileen after she heard that Julie and Brian are moving to Wales. Aidan impresses Singh and he places an order. Bethany is stunned when Sarah tells her they're moving back to Milan. She refuses to go with her and asks David and Kylie if she can live with them. David secures her obedience by telling her that Callum attacked Sarah and has threatened to return to kill them both. Kylie is sickened that lying comes so easily to him. Andy and Steph read Michael the riot act. Jamie is disappointed when Luke tells him he isn't racing any more as he's promised Maria. Jamie pleads for him to race as he needs the money to clear his mounting debts. When Luke still refuses, Jamie shows him an old photo of a scantily-clad Steph on his phone and threatens to upload it to the internet, along with many others, unless he races.


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