As the coin shows that she should jump, Carla takes a step forward. Tracy yells at her to stop, finally confessing that she was responsible for the fire. Carla reels as Tracy reveals how she stole Michelle’s keys and let herself into the flat intent on hurting her but bottled out and left, forgetting she’d lit a candle. Tracy explains how she hated her for taking Rob away and then her share of the Rovers and wanted revenge. Leanne rings the police but Amy glibly announces Simon's in her room. Leanne hugs him with relief. Tracy convinces Carla of her story and expresses her heartfelt regret. Losing her temper, Carla pushes her towards the edge and the two women struggle. Tracy breaks free and runs off. Gail expresses her anger at David and Kylie. Anna and Tim look forward to Miley's return from Canada. Nick waits in the bistro alone as he eats the special meal. Carla catches up with Tracy and offers her a lift but is refused. Back on the defence, Tracy accuses Carla of wrecking people's lives. Carla, in turn, tells Tracy she's letting the police know. Simon’s mortified to realise Leanne’s told Zeedan about his recent behaviour. Zeedan tells him he's not the lad he thought he was if he can attack his family. Sally takes an upset Gail for a drink and convinces her to look into converting the garage into her own room. She pushes her into inviting Tony round to No.8 to give them a quote. Carla tells Tracy the pressures she's under from neighbours and staff who hate her as a result of her actions. Carla drives off and Tracy blags a lift off a motorcyclist. David and Kylie agree to get a quote for the conversion. Back at the flat, Leanne’s touched when Zeedan arrives with a sleeping bag, explaining to Simon that he’s staying until he’s sure he can be trusted. Arriving back home, Carla tells Tracy she's going to get justice for Kal and Maddie.


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