It's Amy's first day at Weatherfield High, as well as Jack and Hope's at Bessie Street. Robert demands answers from Tracy. Sophie and Jack mark Kevin's 50th birthday. Kevin plans to have a quiet day. Tim buys him a hideous bracelet. Hope misses her first day at school as Tyrone and Fiz take her to hospital to get her scan results. Carla takes the day off work and is tempted when Nick leaves his credit card in the flat. Tracy admits to Robert that she unintentionally caused the fire in Carla's flat but strenuously denies going there to kill Carla. Cathy thinks about moving back home and spends the day there to see if she can cope with being there alone. Fiz is certain that Hope is healthy and gets Tyrone to take Hope home. Tracy tells Robert she wouldn't risk going back to prison and asks him to believe her. Tim plans to bring Kevin over to No.4 once Sally has the party set up but ends up holding the fort at the garage while Kevin goes to Bolton to pick up a part. Robert believes Tracy but wants her to come clean to Carla to end her self-loathing. Leanne is pleased when Simon is well behaved, offering to help out around the flat in exchange for a new phone. Tyrone has doubts about leaving Fiz on her own and leaves Hope with Roy and Mary to rejoin her. Cathy enjoys being back home and decides to move out of the cafe flat. Kevin is delayed in Bolton. Tyrone and Fiz are informed that Hope has a mass in her stomach and may have a type of childhood cancer.


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