Aidan has moved into the Rovers. As he chats with Steve and Michelle over breakfast, Liz comes into the back room in her dressing gown looking shifty and checking for movement from the hallway. Mary cajoles a reluctant Emily, Tim and Craig into signing up for Cathy's art class. Liz is on hot bricks as Michelle hears a noise from the hallway. She hurries to check and finds that Rover has come back again. Lloyd tries to creep downstairs from Liz's bedroom to make his exit but Steve appears and he beats a hasty retreat. Eileen receives a call to say that the bleeding in Jason's kidney has stopped. Carla refuses to go to a meeting at Seymour's with Aidan. Liz tries to get Steve and Michelle out of the way. Michelle suspects she has a bloke upstairs and it may be Tony. Steve is furious. They decide to hang around and see who it is. Todd overhears Sean and Billy discussing Jason's condition and how he might need a kidney transplant. The police interview Jason who remembers being done over. He tells Tony that a voice that he heard was Callum's. Michelle rings Lloyd for back-up in case Tony gets nasty and she and Steve are shocked to hear his ringtone from the stairs as Lloyd makes a sheepish appearance. The art class attendees gather. Cathy is a bag of nerves. Steve is not happy that his mate has slept with his mum and demands an explanation. Tony watches from the yard as Nick tries to warn Callum to stay away from the area. Liz refuses to apologise to Steve. He reluctantly accepts the situation. Aidan finds a gambling website open on Carla's laptop and rips into her. She walks out. Tim and Craig have a peanut-catching contest at the art class until Yasmeen angrily stops them. She finds that Cathy has disappeared. A smiling David watches as Tony intercepts Callum and drags him into the ginnel. Paula Longmore gives Rover to Steve permanently. Lloyd isn't happy to hear from Steve that his fling with Liz is now supposedly a permanent relationship. Tony starts to beat Callum up.


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  • Mark Strange was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jason tries to remember his assault and recalls being kicked repeatedly and that he thinks he heard Callum's voice during the attack; Tony tracks Callum down and gives him a beating and demands the names of his accomplices; and Lloyd's overnight stay in The Rovers is discovered when he tries to sneak down the stairs during breakfast and leave the pub unnoticed.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,280,000 viewers (8th place).

Notable dialogue

Aidan Connor: "It takes some getting used to, working with a load of women. The banter's different."
Michelle Connor: "Mmm, it's called intelligent conversation that, babes."
Steve McDonald: "Yeah, I often have, er, chats about renaissance art with Beth Tinker."


Mary Taylor: "You are a prisoner of other people's aesthetic prejudices."
Emily Bishop: "Am I?"

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