Max has wet the bed after having a bad dream about Callum. David thinks they should go to the police but Kylie won't add to her son's pressures. Carla looks over the Underworld accounts prior to Aidan seeing them and admits to Nick that they don't look good. Fiz has booked an appointment with Dr Gaddas for Hope. Jason still remains unconscious. Tony threatens revenge against the perpetrator. Sally restarts at Underworld and does her best to ingratiate herself with Aidan. Sean and Billy tell Kylie, David and Sarah that Jason might be brain damaged. It prompts Kylie to agree to take Max to the police. Andrea won't return Lloyd's texts or phone calls. Callum riles David until he tells him what Max witnessed and that the police are being told. A worried Aidan sees the state of the accounts. Callum threatens Bethany with the release of the phone footage unless she gives him an alibi but she calmly refuses. Eileen and Tony comfort each other as they break down over the hospital bed. As Carla shows Aidan round the factory, a man turns up to repossess her car. Callum drugs Sarah's drink in the Rovers. Aidan’s shocked to realise the extent of Carla’s financial problems and walks away from the investment. She refuses to go after him despite Nick's pleadings. Sarah starts to feel ill and Liz sends her through to the back. Dr Gaddas finds a lump in Hope's abdomen and books an ultrasound scan. Max tells the police what he saw and that he doesn't want Callum to be his dad any more. Sarah staggers home. Callum watches her go. Liz and Erica try to cheer Lloyd up. Gemma watches Bethany from Callum’s car as she walks towards No.8 where he is inside with an unconscious Sarah.


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