Callum is carted off in a police car. Bethany arrives to see him being taken away. Dougie gets the campers' barbecue going. The women fight over the "love tent". The police take a statement from Sarah. She fears he'll retaliate by shopping Bethany. David doesn't see how Callum can wriggle out of it and celebrates. The police interview Max, with Kylie sitting in with him. Hanlon gives Underworld the order. Carla tells Alya to make her an offer. Craig tells the campers he met a girl and made a fool of himself. They think she's imaginary until Dougie introduces them to her as his daughter, Caitlin. David and Kylie are upset to discover that Callum has coached Max to say the gun was a toy and he and Sarah were playing a game. Kylie blames Sarah for leaving it so long. Craig is smitten with Caitlin but she is still annoyed at him over his comments on her drawing. Callum is released without charge and returns to the street. Bethany is devastated when he tells her that he was only using her. She ends up at No.11, where she pours her heart out to Jason. Caitlin apologises to Craig for being so tough on him and they get chatting. Tyrone isn't impressed with Dougie, finding him a know-it-all. Dougie suggests they spend a full day in the wilderness, as a challenge. Tyrone accepts, thinking it'll be easy. Callum intimidates Sarah by threatening to destroy her family. He leaves when Jason defends her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: David and Kylie are thrilled as they watch Callum being bundled into a police car, but their happiness is short lived thanks to Max; and Craig becomes smitten at the campsite.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,770,000 viewers (7th place).
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