Ken thinks Simon is being picked on and asks for the truth. Simon asks for time alone with Leanne so Ken takes Eccles for a walk. Once he's gone, Simon begs Leanne not to tell Ken about his behaviour as he'll hate him. Angry Maria storms off, despite Luke's pleas. Andrea vows to buy back Lloyd's record and defends her actions to Steve by asking how far he'd go for Amy. Rover's owner Paula Longmore arrives at the Rovers to reclaim her "Boo Boo". Steve stalls her to spend more time with Rover and is gutted when he eventually has to give her up. Leanne is inclined to tell Ken everything but Simon makes her promise not to. Ken is satisfied with Simon's explanation that he was being stupid and fell over. Luke follows Maria in the car and asks for a chance to explain. She has no sooner agreed when the car breaks down. Lloyd hasn't decided what to do about Andrea and is shocked to find her packing her things. He's unable to stop her leaving. Simon's mood improves when Zeedan spends time with him but he sours when Leanne collects him. Tracy treats Ken and Amy to dinner at the bistro. She's offended when Ken accuses her of being nice to him to get her hands on Deirdre's money. Luke easily repairs the car but drags it out to talk to Maria. They make up. Tracy butters Ken up before telling him that Robert has been thrown out by his flatmate. Ken can see where the conversation is going and refuses to let Robert move in. Steph tells Maria that Luke fractured his skull the last time he raced. Ken has no sooner agreed to consider Robert moving into No.1 when Robert turns up with all of his belongings!


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