Sally is put out when Kevin's greatest worry is how Tim would feel about what they've done. Michael tries to hush Gail up. She thinks Eileen is behind his behaviour. Tracy thinks Robert is stalking her. Todd happily points out to Eileen that Gail is leading Michael into the bistro. Michael explains to Gail about the bracelet. Eileen interrupts them and demands a word with Michael in private. Gail is pleased to be coming between them. Simon is on his best behaviour with a pleased Leanne. Tracy's dessert has "sorry" written in chocolate on it. She throws it on the floor and demands a reduced bill from Steph. Eileen realises they're going to have to pay a high price to get the bracelet back. Tim tells a pleased Sally how much he loves her and she tells him about Kevin's idea to buy Underworld. Much to Liz's annoyance, Tony hangs round the Rovers bar. Michael and Eileen buy the bracelet back for £200 but are surprised when Liz shows them the original, which she found down the back of her headboard. Roy, Nick and Michelle turn up at Carla's flat to talk to her. Robert tells Tracy he's going to get her back. Gail laughs at Eileen spending £200 that she didn't have to. When Leanne she suggests they start afresh, Simon snaps at her. Carla refuses to listen to the deputation's pleas, determined to start afresh. Sally is nervous when Tim and Kevin arrive at No.4 that Kevin had said something to him but is relieved when Tim asks Kevin to be his best man.


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