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Stan and Hilda return on a milk float, tired and worn out, much to the amusement of Len and Ray. The pensioners decide to meet in the Rovers to decide on their form of protest. A saddened Maggie tells Len that Gordon's decided to work at the head office in London. An angry Elsie catches up with Dave and tears into him for not telling her he's married. He tells her Lillian's coming up from London. Elsie doesn't know why she rang her. Hilda is annoyed when Annie gives her work for the day to Alice. Ena, Minnie, Alice and Albert form an OAP action committee. Len tells Elsie about Arthur Green and she realises he was employed by Lillian. The lady herself arrives at the betting shop and recognises Elsie from a newspaper photograph she saw at the time of Steve Tanner's inquest. Gordon meets Lucille by appointment at Jackson's Chip Shop to say goodbye. She tells him that he's doing the right thing by leaving and he lets her keep her engagement ring. A frantic Hilda discovers Stan has hidden an Inland Revenue bill from her for £42, 8/4. He isn't concerned about it. Elsie worries about Lillian and tells Dave about Green. He tells her about the history of his marriage. The pensioners decide on a protest march after Ena brushes off Annie's unwanted advice. Gordon goes for leaving drinks. Maggie tells him she's doing the right thing by letting him fly the nest. Elsie refuses to tell Len if Lillian has anything on her. Dave tells Elsie that Lillian wants a divorce on terms of adultery, citing her.


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Notable dialogue

Elsie Tanner: "Oh, Dave, why can't people...?"
Dave Smith: "Love each other?"
Elsie Tanner: "No...make allowances for people."
Dave Smith: "Because there's no percentage in it."

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