Alya rushes off immediately after having sex with Jason. Michael's operation is a success. Liz goes on a date with Dan Jones. Alya feels guilty, more so when she hears Yasmeen gushing about her to her cousins. Yasmeen considers selling Kal's share of the gym. Joe and Wes turn up at No.9 and tell Luke about the lockup break-in. They deliver the shirts as ordered, much to the lads' astonishment. Chesney makes it back to the Street just as the men are leaving. They recognise him and return to No.9 to take the television to recoup their losses. Fiz returns a day early and finds Tyrone, Luke, Chesney and Kirk wrestling with Joe and Wes over the TV. The situation is resolved when Luke gives them £30 for a new padlock and Fiz threatens to call the police if they don't leave. Gary tells Alya he loves her and asks her to marry him. He's left puzzled when a clearly troubled Alya tells him to move on. Fiz tells Luke to pack his bags as she's afraid of more thugs turning up. Zeedan worries when Alya mouths off at Sally. Tyrone talks Fiz into letting Luke stay for a while. Kylie asks David to support her at counselling. Jason learns that Alya has turned down Gary's proposal and realises she's feeling guilty. He tells her Gary deserves another chance. Alya admits she was a virgin before she slept with him.


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