Kal spots a way through the flames to the balcony. He overturns a table to give Leanne and Amy extra protection from the flames while he gets onto the balcony and yells at the watchers below to get a ladder. Tyrone remembers that there's one long enough in the builder's yard and the menfolk break through the gates to fetch one. Kal gets Leanne and Amy on to the balcony where Tracy screams up to her daughter. Jenny gabbles desperate excuses to Maddie who's not taken in by any of them. David rings Nick and tells him that his flat might also be damaged in the fire. Max is woken up by the commotion and asks to stay up late, saying Callum allows that. David gives in. Amy is terrified of using the ladder as the fire takes more of a hold. Tyrone spots a propane gas canister used for barbecues on the balcony with the flames licking round it. Maddie spots Jack's things in the holdall and realises that Jenny is running away with him. A deranged Jenny starts to gabble about someone called "Tom" not being safe. Tracy panics while Liz talks Amy on to the ladder. She slowly makes her way down. Jenny swears that she didn't kill "Tom" and won't let Maddie leave the house, knocking her down to the floor. Leanne makes it down the ladder as the gas canister starts to burn. Kevin and Tyrone push everyone back. Leanne gets to the base and yells up to Kal that she will marry him. He dashes into the flat to avoid the explosion of the canister but the entire top floor is set ablaze. A burning piece of wood falls into the yard near some canisters containing toxic materials. The emergency services arrive and the firemen enter the building as the paramedics look after Carla and Amy. Gary and Alya arrive to the news that Kal is inside the burning building. Unseen, the canisters in the yard start to catch fire. Jenny is distracted by the arrival of her taxi and Maddie uses the opportunity to knee her and run out of the back door. Max asks why David doesn't like Callum and also asks after his mother. Unable to get through the police cordon, Maddie rings Sophie and leaves a message on her mobile saying no more than she was right about Jenny. She then dodges under the police tape to get to Sophie but the canisters in the yard explode as she crosses in front of it, knocking her to the ground. She shows no pulse and the paramedics start CPR as Sophie sobs uncontrollably. They bring her round and put her in the ambulance. The watch commander tells the Nazirs that a body has been found. Kevin goes home and tells a crying Jenny what's happened. She realises the girl didn't get an opportunity to tell him about her plan. Kal's body is brought out in front of the horrified onlookers. Zeedan tells Leanne it's all her fault. Roy comforts Carla as Tracy looks on with feelings of guilt.


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