David continues to refuse to take Gail's calls. Sarah does the same to Callum to gain more time. Eileen asks Sean to join her and Adrian in the bistro afterwards. Emily fetches Mary's shopping to help her with her sit-in at the motorhome. She continues to blame a protesting Julie for her predicament. Todd offers Julie his support. Sarah tells Callum not to worry about David and lies that he's with Martin and gives him a false address in Warrington to stop him calling the police. Todd berates Mary for being a parasite on society for non-payment of council tax but also persuades her that Julie wasn't to blame. Steve reluctantly admits he has to trace the dog's owner. Unable to come up with his own ideas, Tony asks Lloyd for ideas for his best man's speech. David calls Gail from the centre of Liverpool, assuring her they're fine but he can't return home and risk losing Max. As David kills the call, he's horrified to realise Max has disappeared. It's obvious to Michelle and Andrea that Lloyd should be Steve's best man and not Tony. They decide to sort it out. A furious Callum rings Sarah from Warrington but she acts innocent. Max rings his dad. Tony admits to Michelle that he wouldn't be offended if Steve asked Lloyd to be his best man. Finding Julie in the Rovers, Mary apologises for suspecting her of lodging the complaint. As Julie graciously accepts, they're interrupted by a panicking Emily. The women emerge from the pub just in time to see the motorhome being towed away. Todd is amused to hear the news. Billy says he'd rather stay in than go to the bistro. Sean's disappointed, realising he's worried about being seen together. Mary starts to get drunk, worried about where she'll sleep. Julie tells her that she has an idea. David sees Max by the dockside but Callum's car draws up and he gets to him first.


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