Sarah worries about David making her and Bethany homeless. Nick tells her that she's cold and selfish and she and Callum deserve each other. Michelle and Liz find the dog in the Rovers' back room. Mrs Bird from environmental health at Weatherfield Council investigates the motorhome. Tony continues to put pressure on Steve for the sale of his half of the pub and tells Tracy that everything's in hand. Mrs Bird tells Mary that she is in breach of the law and lets slip that a neighbour reported her. Nick tells Sarah that she's pushed David close to the brink and it won't end well. Steve enjoys having the dog at home. Eileen tells Sean that Billy's congregation will support him. Nick can't contact David on his phone. Bethany tells Nick and Sarah she saw him and the kids leaving in a cab. David checks into a hotel in Liverpool, telling Max they're going on holiday. Mary tells Ken and Norris about the council investigation and that she thinks Julie is responsible. When Julie comes into the Rovers, she explodes at her. Nick and Sarah row over David. They realise the passports are missing and Nick insists that Callum mustn't know. Mary and Julie row across the bar with Sean taking Mary's side, saying Julie is a blabber. Julie runs out in tears as Todd watches on. Billy comes back from his meeting with the bishop. He's upset as he explains to Sean that the bishop made his disapproval of the publicity plain and in desperation Billy lied to him, assuring him that he and Sean have ended their relationship. Sean is devastated. Tony stages receiving a threatening call from the loan shark. Callum calls round and forces Sarah to tell him what's happened. He threatens the police if David isn't back by the next day. David rings up Nick and Callum snatches the phone, threatening to finish him off if he doesn't return his son. Undaunted, David starts to book a flight for him and the kids.


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