David plans to take Max to a fair for the bank holiday and Sarah enquires what time they will be out, raising his suspicions. Eileen continues to get messages from "Jeff", telling her of his interests which, by no coincidence, match her own. A smiling Todd encourages her to reply. A furious Billy calls round with the Gazette which carries the front page story of his and Sean's run-in with the pub landlord. He's furious as he meets his new bishop for the first time today and he who has very conservative views on homosexuality. Sean is forced to admit that Julie was responsible. Billy is furious. Erica turns up to see Nick. Billy and Sean show Julie the story. Mortified, she apologises. Nick tells Erica he doesn't object to any course of action she decides to take and he is pleased when she tells him that she's keeping the baby. They agree not to be a burden to each other though. They tell Kal and Leanne the news. Sarah tells Callum that she'll tell David they're an item later on and to come round to No.8 at 1.00pm when everyone is out. Leanne admits she's stunned at Nick's news. Kal tells her it's not a problem to him that she can't have kids of their own. Amy refuses to be a bridesmaid again and Michelle worries about the cost of the wedding. Max is sick at the fair and they return early. David sees Callum entering the house. He follows him and plays along when he sees that Callum can't be seen as they walk in. Despondent Carla tells Michelle that her relationship with Nick is over before it began as Erica is pregnant. David tells Sarah that he knows what's going on and a grinning Callum makes his presence known as he comes from his hiding place upstairs. David throws both him and Sarah out. Todd asks for credit in the corner shop. Julie agrees but Mary overrules her and refuses him. Nick tells David to stay strong for the hearing in two weeks but his brother thinks his options are running out. Keen to get his own back, Todd reports Mary's motorhome to the council, claiming it's a health hazard. Steve is taken aback to find a dog in the back of his cab. Billy is tense before his meeting. Clutching their passports, David bundles himself, Max and Lily into a cab. Bethany sees them go.


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