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Dickie helps Alice move into No.1. Ena can't bear to watch Lucille be led astray and urges Elsie to intervene. Elsie assures her that Dave is playing Lucille along. Ena thinks he won't be able to help himself. Lucille shows off a new gold bracelet and lets people assume it was a gift from Dave. Emily has trouble keeping the truth to herself when Reverend James praises the residents for their charity. Ena hears about the bracelet and accuses Annie of giving the coupling her approval by not putting her foot down. Hilda hears them and jeers at Elsie in the Street, advising her to throw in the towel now that Dave has found a younger model. They draw a crowd and Len has to hold Elsie back from hitting Hilda. Annie orders Lucille to stop seeing Dave and return the bracelet. Elsie rows with Dave for lying about his intentions regarding Lucille. Dave denies giving Lucille a bracelet. Albert doesn't know whether to let Effie have the house. Dave takes Lucille out again and offers to whisk her off to Paris, knowing that she'll turn him down. She realises she's been chasing Dave for the wrong reasons. Albert wants Alice out of No.1. Effie pretends to lay claim to the house before revealing that she's leaving in the morning. Elsie tells Len that a man is following her.


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Hilda Ogden (to Elsie Tanner): "Well, age is competition but yours is a bit of an handicap, isn't it?"

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