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Sinead gets impatient as Beth and Chesney fuss over her. Callum gives Max an expensive iPhone, putting Bethany out. Kevin tells Jenny he doesn't blame her for the split between him and Sophie. Maddie thinks Sophie should apologise to Kevin and Jenny and the two fall out over it. Alya gets her first order on her website for a bespoke basque. Beth thinks Sinead could make it for her. Tyrone, Gary and Luke organise a curry night. Roy offers to make one for them after his driving lesson with Tyrone. Bethany mixes it between Nick and Carla and gets him to invite her to a wine tasting session in the bistro. Carla spots Sarah and Callum getting close. Jenny is put out when Kevin books a table at the bistro for her. She takes Jack for a long day out. Callum gives Bethany her own new iPhone despite an annoyed Sarah's protests. Jenny returns late from the day out and gets Kevin to order a takeaway rather than go for the bistro meal. A tipsy Carla enjoys the wine tasting with Nick. She tells him about seeing Callum with Sarah. The lads enjoy their curry though Gary and Luke find it hot. Luke thinks he could make a good curry too and Tyrone takes him up on the challenge, getting him to agree to make one for the following night. Tim and Sally start to get impatient with Sophie's presence. Sinead is delighted to be asked to make the basque. Callum apologises to Sarah. He tells her that he really likes her. Nick catches them kissing. Sarah denies sleeping with him but Nick tells her that either she tells David that the two of them are an item or he will.


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