David bangs on the inside of Callum's car boot as he's driven at speed along a street. Jenny lies to Kevin that she went to the medical centre to register herself as a patient. As the party continues, Gail and Andy confide in Nick what David is up to. Callum drives to an abandoned lock-up and David is pulled from the boot by Macca while Gemma locks the doors. Jack lets slip that Jenny took him to see the doctor. Kevin demands to know what's going on and why she lied to him. At the allotment, Roy offers Cathy a cup of tea from his flask. Sophie gets Jack out of the way so that Kevin can speak to Jenny. She admits she spotted a rash on Jack's neck but realises she overreacted. David is tied to a post in the lock-up while Macca hands Callum a baseball bat. He scares David with threats of violence but then leaves him tied up to rot. Roy and Cathy enjoy their tea. He tells her about Hayley and she tells him that her husband Alan died about a year ago. Eileen plays a computer game with "Jeff". Sean tells her that he doesn't think she's being fair to Adrian. Kevin tells Jenny that he needs to be able to trust her if their relationship is to work. She agrees that she wants that more than anything. As darkness falls, Callum returns alone to the lock-up. He admits he can't leave David tied up for good but he has a reputation to maintain and so he fetches the baseball bat. In the back garden, Andy tells a horrified Steph about the drugs scam. Unable to take the pressure any more, he tells her that he's going to move away alone. She's furious and tells him they're finished. Luke overhears. Sophie warns her uninterested father that Jenny's behaviour is weird. Luke follows an upset Steph to the flat where he forces her to tell him about Gavin Rodwell. Eileen tells Todd she's going to stop messaging Jeff. He's annoyed. Callum drops a hurt David off and he returns home but hides his bruises. Gail and Nick don't believe his story that he's alright but he refuses to talk further, saying that Callum's all talk but once they've left him alone, his injuries tell a different story.


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