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No.8 resounds to further arguments between Sarah and Bethany about Italy. David continues to insist they leave. After having spent the night at No.11, Billy sets out to see Lucy, a sick child of his parish. Nick is perturbed when David tells him that he has a plan to deal with Callum but he needs to borrow both his car and Andy. Tyrone gives Kevin some tickets for a show in Manchester that are going free. Sean regales Julie and Sally with the story of the homophobic landlord. Sarah makes Bethany go with her to enrol at Weatherfield High. It's Gavin Rodwell's 30th birthday and Andy has to go along with the pretence that it's his. David tells him to go with him to pick up hairdressing supplies. Jack's childminder falls ill and Jenny offers to fetch him. David pulls up outside a seedy pub and orders Andy to go in and buy some drugs. Andy's horrified but David makes it plain he'll do as he's told or he'll reveal Andy's true identity to Michael and report him to the police. Steph wonders what David is up to and asks Nick if everything is okay. Weatherfield Gazette reporter Naila Badal calls on a horrified Sean and asks details of the landlord and his own relationship with Billy. Andy returns to the car with a small bag of drugs and David speeds away. The Platts prepare a surprise party for "Gavin" at No.8 on the eve of Michael and Gail's wedding. Gail and Steph worry where David has taken Andy. Sean accuses Todd of talking to the press but Julie admits she made the call. As Roy and Sharif work on their allotment they meet Cathy Matthews on the adjacent plot. Billy arrives back saying that Lucy has died. Sean forgets his anger as he comforts him. David pulls up outside The Dog & Gun and, spotting Callum arriving in his car, orders Andy to plant the drugs in the glovebox. Jenny collects Jack and panics when she sees a rash on his neck. Overreacting, she rushes him to the medical centre. Inside Callum's car, Andy fumbles with the drugs, unaware that Callum is heading back to it with Macca and Gemma Winter. David watches, horrified.


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Andy Carver: "I don't know the first thing about buying drugs."
David Platt: "Well, you've been pretending to be someone you're not for ages, so tonight Matthew, I'm going to be a junkie."

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