Albert stays at No.3 rather than speak to Effie. The Flemings tell her he'll agree to come back if she takes over the cooking. Effie will only deal with him directly. Annie worries that Dave is going out with Lucille when he escorts her home at 11pm. Lucille tells her she was working late at the betting shop. Annie doesn't believe her and tells Jack to sort Dave out. Jack fully intends to. Hilda keenly eavesdrops on their conversation. Annie decides that a softer approach is required and warns Dave that a scandal could put punters off his establishment. Dave confirms that Lucille had been working but takes her advice. Emily recruits the residents' help to clean up the mess so as to restore Reverend James's faith in Coronation Street. Effie, Audrey and Dickie work for nothing but Ena, Stan, Hilda and Alice get 10/- an hour out of Emily. Emily lets the Reverend believe that everyone is working for free and is dismayed when he insists on compensating them. Alice tells Effie that she's an old friend of Albert's. Dave takes Lucille out to teach her a lesson. Albert tries to put Alice off visiting him in Bury. Annie believes that Dave got the message but Jack gets Stan to tell her that he saw Dave and Lucille setting off in his Jag. Reverend James buys the residents drinks in the Rovers to thank them. Effie gets on with Alice and invites her to live with her at No.1.


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