Owen and Anna collect Faye to take her to the school art show. She is subdued as they set off. Julie draws up an action plan to look after things while Dev's away as he tactfully tries to convince her to leave things to Sophie and Mary. Katy and Izzy bicker when Katy tells her she thinks that Linda is brave for returning. Emily tells Michelle about her own breakdown in 1992 and that she understands the effect that Steve's is having on the people around her. Tim turns up at the art show and is enthusiastic about Faye's work. Michael is told he can come home in a couple of weeks. Max does a drawing of his family and includes Kylie in it, asking if they can keep it to show her when she returns. Faye gets annoyed with a crying baby at the art show. Sean gets uptight as a date with Billy nears. Julie asks Sophie to come in to work at 6.30am to sort out some discrepancies she's found. Callum meets up with Katy in the Rovers. Spotting David he asks him when he can next see Max. David tells him never. Steve lays on his surprise meal for a delighted Michelle. Mary and Sophie demand that Dev lays down ground rules before he leaves. When Anna tries to hug Faye, she recoils, worried that Anna will detect her baby bump. She runs off and asks if she can go with Tim. Julie is furious when Mary and Sophie make it clear that her "management" isn't required. Steve's cooking is a disaster but he and Michelle both enjoy a laugh over it. Sean and Billy join Jason and Eva for her birthday dinner in the bistro. Dev angrily stops the arguments before his taxi arrives. Anna asks Owen to stop obsessing over Linda. Dev sets off for his month in Mumbai. Faye confides in Craig how scared she is at the thought of having a baby and is petrified that Anna will disown her.


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Mary Taylor: "I think we should all stick to our areas of expertise."
Julie Carp: "So what's mine?"
Mary Taylor: "Sewing undergarments. Oh, and, er, looking cheery in a cardigan."

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