As Dev prepares for his trip, Julie and Mary fuss over him. Mary's unimpressed to hear that Julie will be moving into No.7. Owen makes plans to see Linda and send her on her way. Faye is reluctant to go to her art show at school. Tony has more house leaflets for Eva. Owen meets Linda in the cafe and warns her to stay away from him and the girls. She tells him that he's still bitter about her treatment of him and suggests it's time to forgive and move on but he retorts that they all moved on from her long ago. Audrey has to turn down nail appointments in the salon and wonders if Kylie should be replaced. Linda insists she's got a right to know her own daughters. Owen tells her that he never wants to see her face around the area again. Faye tells Craig she's still putting on weight. He suggests they look up medical advice on his laptop. Sophie's unimpressed when Julie calls in the shop and explains that she's now her boss, in Dev's absence. Julie winds her up with advice on her customer techniques. The internet medical questions point to Faye possibly being pregnant. Craig's heard rumours about her and a lad named Jackson Hodge and she reluctantly confirms they've had sex. Steve tells Liz that he's planning to cook a meal for Michelle as a thank you. Faye shoplifts a pregnancy testing kit. David searches the missing persons' websites in an attempt to find Kylie. Sophie and Mary complain to Dev about Julie's interference in their work. Anna worries that Owen is obsessed with Linda. Dev fails to get Julie to take a back seat. Faye takes the test at No.5 and shows Craig the result - it is positive.


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  • Mrs Braithwaite, a customer in Audrey's is uncredited although she has a line of dialogue, asking for a nail appointment.
  • TV Times synopsis: Owen warns Linda to stay away from him; and Faye takes a pregnancy test after confiding in Craig that she's still putting on weight despite putting herself on a diet.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,940,000 viewers (14th place)
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