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David and Eva arrive in the supermarket only to discover the shoplifter is Gemma Winter, masquerading as Kylie to beat the charge. Michelle apologises to Steve for letting the cat out of the bag. Tracy bursts in, asking if Steve is fit to look after Amy. Steve agrees that their daughter needs telling about his condition. Tim tells Craig he's missed an hour of his round. Craig helps him catch up. David spots Kylie's bag in the supermarket office. Gemma admits Kylie was staying with her but when she fell out with Callum after Christmas she disappeared. Taking the bag, David leaves Gemma to the police. Todd is jealous as Sean and Billy go on their date. Tony tears a strip off Todd for his attitude to customers in the shop. Tony's proud of Jason, pointing out he's got his own business, a beautiful girlfriend and now they’re buying a place together. Todd seethes. Steve tells an understanding Amy about his depression. Gail is upset about David's comments. David and Eva go to The Dog & Gun where Callum and his thugs take him outside to beat him up but Gemma arrives and David witnesses an argument between them that shows that Callum doesn't know of Kylie's whereabouts either. David is let go with a warning. As Jason pores over his accounts, he tells Todd he can't afford to buy somewhere just yet. Craig asks Tim if he can be his apprentice window-cleaner. Tim promises to think about it. Chesney breaks the news to Sinead that she only imagined the feeling in her legs. She's devastated, convinced she's paralysed for life. Steve attempts to visit her but Chesney sends him packing, making it clear he's not welcome. Steve heads out, feeling terrible. Sean and Billy enjoy their date in the Rovers but it's cut short when Billy is called away to visit a parishioner in trouble. David returns home with Kylie's bag. Michael finds a note in it for Max and Lily. A sly Todd lets slip to Eva that Jason can't afford a deposit. David reads Kylie's note out to Max. It tells him that she's not returning until she knows she won't mess up their lives again. Max is upset.


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