Julie has spent the night at Dev's, putting Mary's nose out of joint. Much to Yasmeen's exasperation, Sharif spends the morning wrapped in a blanket and watching his chickens, expecting them to start laying eggs. Worried about Tracy and the strain she’s under, Ken offers to run the shop for her, suggesting she takes some time off. She gratefully accepts. Steph is worried about Luke getting hurt by Maria. In front of a customer, Ken wonders about the morality of the business that Barlow's Buys is involved in, putting him off purchasing. Gail worries about how tired David is. Leanne tries to chat to Gavin about his old boss, but he quickly makes himself scarce, leaving her bemused. Steph moans to Leanne that since snogging her on New Year’s Eve, Gavin has barely spoken to her since. Ken confides in Roy how concerned he is for Tracy and reckons her business is about to go under - Tony listens, intrigued. Tracy sends Ken home, aware that they've hardly done any business. Steph is short with Gavin. Maria invites Luke to stay the night as Liam is at a sleep-over. Katy pushes him into inviting Maria to a meal at the bistro. Tony witnesses Tracy unwittingly buying twenty-five stolen food mixers from Nev, a dodgy punter and rejects Gary's pleas for work. Mary settles the twins down to do their homework but they’re interrupted when Julie arrives with Twister, suggesting they leave their homework and have some fun. Tony warns Tracy the mixers she bought are hot and the police are all over it. Yasmeen isn't impressed when Roy suggests Sharif plays music to his chickens. Tracy tells Nev to take the mixers back but he threatens her with violence. The real Gavin’s ex-girlfriend Lisa calls in the bistro looking for him, telling Steph he promised to marry her but dumped her for a holiday rep. As Gavin hides beneath the counter, Lisa demands to know where he is...


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Mary Taylor: "I'd loved to have lived in Tudor times: the extravagant clothing; the music of Thomas Tallis; courtly dancing; religious and political intrigue..."
Asha Alahan: "And they used to throw all of their poo out of the window..."

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