David is determined to assemble Lily's dollhouse before Christmas but discovers a part is missing. Faye makes Gary take the money she got from her aunt to buy Jake a present. Eva warns Kylie that Callum may cause trouble. Lloyd isn't satisfied with Steve's apology but accepts it to keep the peace. Yasmeen and Roy decide to hold the community centre's soup kitchen on Christmas Day at the cafe. Lloyd hears from the British Embassy in Madrid that Jenna has been arrested for defrauding a car hire firm and is in prison. He hurriedly books a flight to Spain. David surreptitiously steals the missing part from the dollhouse Tyrone is making for Ruby. Kylie avoids Callum when she sees him in the Street. Anna returns from her cousin's. Sally invites the Nazirs over for Boxing Day nibbles and volunteers Sophie and Maddie for the soup kitchen. Gary buys Jake a play tool kit only to find Anna has bought him the same thing. Lloyd leaves for Madrid. Tim makes a deal with Kevin to get Sally's old sofa back. She is thrilled and admits the Lacourt was uncomfortable to sit on. Gary returns the present but the shops close before he can find something else. When he returns home, Anna can smell drink on him and he admits he spent the money on booze. He leaves angrily when Owen and Anna row with him. Kylie demands Callum leaves her family alone. He says he just wants her and offers her cocaine to get in his car. To prove her loyalty to David, she empties the sachet on the cobbles.


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