Dev and Julie are happy they've ended up together. Gavin tries to get in touch with someone. Tracy gives Rob's cufflinks to Beth for free as a wedding present, knowing it will upset Carla. Steph lends Gavin a sympathetic ear and, with some encouragement, he decides to face Michael. Mary sees Dev and Julie kissing. She is upset when he and Julie go on a date when she planned to watch It's a Wonderful Life with him and the kids. Michael tells Gavin more about his condition. Audrey is surprised that Gavin isn't more shell-shocked by the news, though Michael puts it down to braveness. Carla sees Beth showing off the cufflinks and tells her that she's welcome to them. Dev and Julie enjoy their date but Julie clocked Mary's disappointment and thinks she has feelings for Dev. Tracy tries to rub Carla's nose in it about the cufflinks and is miffed when Carla tells Beth how glad she is that they went to a friend. Beth feels bad and returns them to Carla - she's decided her wedding will be fun rather than posh and settles on an 80s theme. Dev tries to make Mary feel special by inviting her to stay for brandy and thanking her for being a positive female role model for the kids. Michael advises Gavin to make a doctor's appointment. After leaving No.8, "Gavin" leaves a message with someone, asking them to get in touch with the real Gavin Rodwell.


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