Tracy applies for a bank loan. Gavin despondently tells the Platts his plumber's bill comes to £400. David makes cracks about his predicament, feeling he's taking Michael and Gail for a ride when they give him £100 each. When Nick comments that the bistro is short-handed, David volunteers Gavin as he's an experienced waiter. Nick immediately takes him on, and Gavin is left with no choice but to agree. Dev warns Julie that Dominic has just been through a bitter divorce. At their lunch date, Dominic gives Julie a cat keyring and goes on about cats. She is stunned when he says he got divorced eight years ago and is on excellent terms with his wife. They compare notes and realise Dev lied to them. Tracy needs Todd back at the shop and encourages him not to hide away. He's surprised by her kind words despite the ulterior motive. Nick doesn't think much of Gavin's cocktails. Michael suffers a dizzy spell in the bistro and collapses in front of Gavin. Nick is annoyed when Gavin leaves work to take Michael home. Julie confronts Dev with his lies. He immediately admits he was jealous and has feelings for her. Dominic settles the bill and sees them kissing on his way out. He's aggrieved at being played around with. Norris shows off his new tablet to Mary. Carla notices it's Rob's old tablet and is furious to hear Tracy has been selling Rob's belongings at the shop. Michael tells Gavin he has a heart condition. Tracy doesn't get the loan. Carla has it out with Tracy and ends up offering to buy Rob's things from her. Tracy refuses to sell to her as she's the reason Rob is in prison. Todd appears and gets Carla to back down by threatening to call the police. Carla swears it's not over. Gavin is stunned when Michael says his condition is hereditary. He goes to clear his head.


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