Michael and Gavin start to relax when they go for food, each admitting that they don't enjoy fishing. Liz gets a call from Bessie Street School, informing her that Steve hasn't picked up Amy. Michelle volunteers. Gavin is impressed that Audrey owns a salon. Steve can't face his family and goes for a drive in the car. He hangs up on Liz when she calls him. Julie is embarrassed when Mary asks her about Dominic. Norris decides to take up astronomy out of respect to Ramsay. Steve has Kevin tow the car back to Coronation Street when it won't start. Michael introduces Gavin to everyone at the Rovers. Dev goes to tell Julie how he feels about her but bottles it and tells her about about an offer at the kebab shop instead. Tracy decides to sell Rob's things and her wedding presents in the shop to pay Michelle back. Liz, Michelle and Tony confront Steve in the street. Liz lays into him, accusing him of forgetting his responsibilities. He tries to take Liz aside but she is too angry at him and he ends up walking away without defending himself. Michael decides not to tell Gavin about his heart condition right away as he wants to get to know him first. Dr Gaddas runs into Steve and advises him to deal with his depression or it'll get worse.


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