Gordon is summoned to a meeting with his boss. Dickie is jealous that he's getting on in life. Maggie is cool to Lucille when she shows off her engagement ring. Stan worries that the reporter will find out he's been making the predictions come true and accuse Hilda of fraud. Unable to tell Hilda the truth, he can't think of a good reason for her to turn the reporter away. Ena thinks Minnie is a danger to herself and asks Elsie to get Dave to stop taking bets from her. She forces the issue by suggesting that Elsie offered to pay Minnie's debt to ease her conscience. Ray, Lucille, Len, Elsie and Jack contrive to get Emily back in the Rovers. They buy presents for her and Annie, each from the other with notes of apology attached and forge their signatures. Dave refuses to allow Minnie to place any more bets on credit. He then agrees to wipe the slate clean as a favour to Elsie. Gordon is given a rise and asked to socialise with his colleagues more. Maggie feels he's ashamed to bring people to the shop. Hilda goes all-out for the reporter, using a goldfish bowl as a crystal ball. Stan has no choice but to come clean and tells her she's not psychic. He says he did it all to get her to Australia. Hilda is touched. Jack does his best to keep Annie away from the yard. Ena gets Minnie to admit she has no money to pay Dave. Hilda hides the tea so that the reporter can't test her but he brings his own and asks for four readings. She tells him her gift has gone and he leaves disappointed. Ena rows with Dave and accuses him of making children starve. He demands the £10 from her by Monday.


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Hilda Ogden: "Stan Ogden, you're a septic!"

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