Lucille has her tea leaves read by Hilda in the hope that she'll see wedding bells. Hilda predicts a Spring wedding for her and Gordon. Hilda keeps a checklist of her predictions to track her success, unaware that Stan has been going around trying to make them come true to drum up more trade. Ray isn't bothered about finding Janice. Dave tells him he has three hours left to return his belongings. Ray considers keeping the money and leaving the area. Annie is fed up with cleaning the Rovers in Hilda's absence. Jack urges her to make amends with Emily. Annie considers it demeaning and insists that Emily make the first move. Ena tells Ray not to throw away his future and persuades him to give her the money to hand back to Dave. Minnie is on a losing streak at the betting shop. Ena returns the money and tells Dave he's past redemption. Dave calls her interfering and tells her to get onto Minnie if she's so into helping lame dogs; she owes him money. Gordon passes his exams and wins £5 for being one of the youngest candidates. Ena tears up Minnie's betting slip and confiscates her newspaper when she catches her planning her next bet in the snug. Ena informs Len that Janice stole Dave's car and that Ray is packing because he isn't trusted at the yard. Gordon spends his prize money on an engagement ring for Lucille. Dave learns the truth and makes up with Len and Ray. Elsie offers to pay off Minnie's debt of over £10 but Ena refuses on her friend's behalf. Hilda excitedly tells Stan that a reporter is coming round to interview her.


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  • This episode contains no cast credits and only a partial production credits consisting of executive producer H.V. Kershaw and director Tony Wharmby.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ena sits in judgement, and Stan works miracles.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,900,000 homes (1st place).
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