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Tracy makes final preparations for her wedding - by sacking the harpist and telling Michelle to find a replacement. Ken is glad to have something to take his mind off Peter. Kylie finds out that Gemma has been discharged from hospital. David, Kylie and Maria take their kids to Halloween-themed kids cookery at the centre. Carla still thinks Peter has been wrongly convicted. Rob advises her to move on. Michael gets a letter from the cardiologist asking to see him about his test results. He thinks it's serious but doesn't tell Gail. Eileen insists on going with him. Tracy insists on a low-key hen night as it's her fourth trip down the aisle. A chat with Roy starts Carla thinking about Steph's bracelet. She believes it implicates everyone at No.1 but Rob points out only Peter had a motive, and, as it's his stag night, threatens to throw her out if she keeps going on about it. Tracy has her hen night at the Rovers with Beth, Sinead, Fiz and Izzy. Fiz and Izzy question why they're there as they can't stand her. Chesney is puzzled when Cilla goes to bed early on her last night in Weatherfield. Rob tells Carla he and Tracy left their engagement party and had sex on the sofa. Gary and Alya flirt. Carla pumps Liz for more information about Rob and Tracy's movements at their party but Tracy mentions herself that she and Rob left the party and had sex upstairs at No.1. Carla realises their stories don't match. Kylie washes her drug supply down the sink. Carla tells Rob she knows he lied about the night of Tina's attack and she can prove Peter didn't kill her.


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