The Ogdens haven't made any money from the readings as Stan drinks away the profits. Hilda is horrified to discover Stan has secretly been keeping a mouse in the house. Janice tells Ray she didn't see the money or the watches; she'd already have scarpered with them if she had. Dave continues to make suggestive comments to Emily. Maggie is puzzled when Janice uses a £5 note in the shop. Dave threatens to have the police search the yard for his money to get Len to help him recover the stolen items from Ray. Elsie has a reading from Hilda. Hilda predicts an imminent romance and marriage to a military man. Len tells Ray to find the money or he's fired. Ena thinks Ray is taking the rap for Janice and tells him he's not doing her any favours. Dave hears from a witness that one of the thieves was a girl. Len is annoyed by Ena's suspicions about Janice, insisting that she isn't the sort. Ray hears Janice telling Bob Neale on the phone that she has the money and watches. He doesn't let on that he knows. Elsie waits in for her soldier but only Stan turns up. Emily tells Lucille she will return to the Rovers if Annie makes a public apology. Ray follows Janice and Bob to the arches of some viaducts and sees them splitting the loot. He hits Bob and takes the money. Janice refuses to return to the Street with him and goes off with Bob.


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  • The scenes at the viaducts were filmed on location at a site near the present day Trinity Way, part of the inner Manchester ring road, where the train lines come out of Salford central railway station. The same area was used for location OB recording for Episodes 1216 and 1217 in September 1972.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ray works to a deadline and Miss Nugent gives an ultimatum
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,500,000 homes (4th place).
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