An uncomfortable Steve tells Dr Robinson that he is not sleeping and obsessing over trivial things, such as how quickly he can do the airport trip. Callum asks Kylie if it's him she wants rather than the drugs but she swats him off and insists she only wants a "pick-me-up". Steve confesses to having no sex life and being difficult to live with. He suspects it's him turning forty however the doctor diagnoses depression and suggests counselling but Steve refuses to listen and walks out. Sinead's idea is for Kirk and Beth to have a "shabby-chic" wedding, saying it's fashionable. David tells Audrey that he's worried that Kylie isn't really happy. Jim tells Peter that he's a loser and he's going to end up straight back inside. Peter retaliates in kind and Jim warns him he'll be gunning for him after the trial. Michelle is annoyed when Kirk and Beth cancel the wedding planning and insists she's invoicing them for the work already done. Callum taunts Kylie about the wild and very non-domestic life they used to enjoy together but he gives her the requested drugs anyway. Michelle is also furious with Tracy who cancels the helicopter and asks for a horse-drawn carriage in its place. Liz apologises to Ken for her outburst. Kylie is sharp with Audrey when she questions where she's been. Audrey wishes Ken well with the trial. Steve hides the doctor's diagnosis from Liz and Michelle, who both start to notice that there's something wrong with him. Kylie tells David she's been sat in a pub for half of the day but runs off from him when he shows his forgiveness. Sinead sweetens her ideas with Beth by telling her all of the celebrities are doing different styles of weddings rather than traditional ones. Despite their differences, Peter buys a minute's use of a mobile from Jim and rings Carla. Kylie takes the drugs. Peter tells Carla he still loves her but she insists she's telling the truth about him in court. David and Max see Kylie getting on a bus. She ignores them as they shout at her and it drives off.


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