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Ken goes on about Peter's trial, annoying Deirdre who can't take the strain any more. She explodes at Ken when he asks if he's the only one taking the matter seriously. He apologises and Tracy suggests that no one mentions it again for the day. Alya bemoans not being able to get a job and avoids talking to Gary in front of Zeedan. Liz is sanguine about the loss of Tony but Eileen isn't surprised he upped sticks and ran out on her and suggests a night out to cheer themselves up. Roy checks that Carla is alright about the upcoming trial and she is furious at Rob when he is rude to Roy. Steve checks up on melanoma when he worries about a growing mole on his arm but Michelle is dismissive. Alya sees Gary and Izzy fussing over Jake. Max has a well-behaved doctor's appointment and Kylie is happy until she discovers that David is still keeping his pills locked away. She walks out. Rob and Carla make up and Ken invites her to tea. Eva sees Kylie waiting for a bus and thinks she is going to see Callum again. Kylie lets the bus go to prove a point. The meal is tense and gets worse when Peter rings up. Tracy gives the game away that Carla is there and he asks to speak to her but she takes the phone and hangs up. Gary engineers an opportunity to speak to Alya alone. She tells Gary their kiss was a mistake: they are from different backgrounds, he's got a partner and a child and they should forget the matter. Tracy goads Carla and as the row escalates Deirdre loses the plot, throwing a trifle across the room at the wall. Julie and Eva innocently feed Steve's paranoia about the mole. Liz insists she and Eileen go clubbing on their night out and Julie joins them. Ken suggests maybe it is time Deirdre spent some time away with Bev Unwin as she is clearly struggling to cope with everything. Ken tells Tracy about Jim's threats to Peter. David apologises to Kylie and tells her that he trusts her. She tells him that she loves him but he confesses his feeling that she's unhappy with something. Rob asks Carla to be his supporter at the wedding. She happily agrees and tells him that she's dreading the trial. He tells her not to worry as Peter will soon be out of their lives...


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Notable dialogue

Deirdre Barlow: "The jelly hasn't set!"
Carla Barlow: "Well, then, you speak to him. And while you're at it, you can give him a few tips on how to get off."
Tracy Barlow: "Oh, you cheeky cow!"
Rob Donovan: "Can we all, please, just calm..."
Deirdre Barlow: "It hasn't, look!"
Tracy Barlow: "Well, it doesn't matter!"
Deirdre Barlow: "Yes, it does! Jelly shouldn't run, it should wobble!" (throws her trifle at the wall)

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