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Kylie guiltily confesses to David that she took one of Max's pills. David is furious when, unable to swear on Max's life, Kylie admits she's done it before. Neil tells Lloyd and Andrea he's seen the light and is truly sorry. Lloyd is so eager to get rid of him that he drives him to the airport free of charge. Kylie tells David she was stressed out and needed a boost. She's embarrassed when she discovers there are no pills left for Max. David goes to the chemist to get more and takes the kids, unwilling to trust Kylie with them. Tim tells Sally he didn't fancy the job. Eva thinks Kylie might as well tell David about the problems she had in the past now as he'll be more understanding but Kylie thinks it would blow her marriage to smithereens. Mary caustically warns Julie about breaking Dev's heart. Tim goes for a drink with Kevin to duck out of playing a game with Sally and the girls. Maddie notices a pattern in his behaviour. David makes a point of locking away Max's pills in front of Kylie. Maddie gives Tim a note and confirms her suspicions that he can't read it. Yasmeen tells the Nazirs she's arranged to rent the butcher shop and is going to turn it into a community centre. David tells Kylie her latest stunt is as bad as selling Max to Becky.


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