With Hilda not cleaning the Rovers, Annie is worn out. Stan sets Hilda up professionally, charging half a guinea a time. Hilda demonstrates her powers by foretelling an addition to the Barlow family to a disbelieving Val. Dave investigates the stolen Jag himself rather than call the police. Ray and Janice are late home. Elsie gives Len an open invitation to call on her at any time to upset Emily. Stan rescues a dog from being put down and tries to get Ken to adopt it for the twins. Ken refuses as they can't have pets in the flats. Lucille rings the yard asking Len to tell the Walkers she's returning. Dave remembers that Len, Ray and Janice were in the betting shop when he put his spare keys on the counter. He suspects Ray swiped them and lets him know he'll be having visitors. Annie goes over to ask Hilda to return to the Rovers and gets sidetracked into having her fortune told. Hilda tells her she's going to have an unpleasant experience. Annie scoffs when asked to pay for the reading. Ray knows Janice took Dave's car and gets her to admit that she and Bob Neale stole it. He tells her to get it back or he'll shop her. Lucille arrives back from Ireland. Dave's car is left where he can find it and Janice gives Ray the keys. Stan tries to palm off a mouse he's acquired onto Ken. Ken again declines. Ena's concerned about Minnie wasting her money on bets and readings. Stan lets the mouse loose in the Rovers. Ray returns the keys to Dave and takes the blame for the theft. Dave asks him for the £550 and two gold watches that were in the car. Ray is given 24 hours to return them.


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